Monday, January 7, 2013


Since it is the New Year - out with old clothes, bad habits and bad bacteria.  I have been on a probiotic kick lately and have been eating keifir every morning and saurkraut every evening.  I have avoided the Christmas cold and feel invincible. I accredit it to probiotics. There are lots of great websites on the benefits of probiotics and recipes for making sauerkraut and  kefir.  I have made both and found them easy and affordable.   How expensive is a head of cabbage or quart of milk compared to the health benefits you will receive?  Avoid sweetened store bought kefir or yogurt and instead make your own.   Probiotics are the best thing I have discovered this past year.  Start out the new year with less bad flora and better health.

How I make sauerkraut:

Remove outer leaves of a large cabbage and put them aside.
Finely shred cabbage and layer it with salt in a large bowl.  Use about 3 tbsp of salt and 1 large head of cabbage.
Pack tightly into a sterilized jar.  Press down on cabbage to remove air.
Cover cabbage with water.
Roll the outer leaves of the cabbage into bundles and place in jar on top of cabbage
Lightly screw lid on
Check daily, but you can enjoy your probiotics after 5 days.  Once opened it can be kept in the fridge for unto a month.

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